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The cat in my lap must be jealous...

When will I be able to have a puppy? Never? Sure feels like it. Everday, I see so many puppies at work and I have to acknowledge EVERY single one of them with a "Hey puppy! Aww..You're a cutie!" Even if I'm across the restaurant doing something completely unrelated. I must acknowledge the dog that just jogged by. We have a big jar full of dog bones on the front counter that we give to regular passerbys. There are a couple of dogs that will sit by the front door and wait until somebody (read: me) comes and gives them a cookie. My co-workers alert me whenever one of these dogs comes by so that I can feed them. They all know how much joy I get in making a dog happy. We had this crazy snow day here in Santa Cruz today. Down to about 500 feet! Crazyness. (How about you Humboldt kids? Snow for you too?) It actually hailed on campus--crazy thunder and lightning included. But this morning, we took a trip up Empire Grade to play in all the snow.
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That's right. A dog. The cutest puppy dog EVER. A mastiff, perhaps? He checked us out for awhile, but once he heard my dog/baby talk, his big tail began to wag and he came to say hi. What a sweetie...I want one. I hate accepting the fact that I won't be able to have a dog for such a long time. Maxie was MY puppy dog who slept on my bed ever since he was 6 weeks old. His undying doggie devotion helped get me through two long years and I miss him. Two of the five cats in my house are pretty awesome (Baby is laying on my arm as I type this), but they just aren't the same. Ok Lydia, you should probably have another beer. You haven't been nostalgic/whiny enough this evening.
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